The KonMari Method: That's a Week of Our Lives We'll Never Get Back

Make Tidying "an Event": Okay Marie Kondo, we tried. We really did. But five hours into our first day of cleaning, we decided that this event was crap. (What kind of event doesn't serve cocktails or play music?) So we made cocktails and jammed. Conclusion: Bourbon and loud music make the KonMari Method only slightly less miserable.

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Countdown to April 1st...

Chuck and Miranda are launching the You've Got Fail blog on April 1st! The whaaat? Read the Introduction page to learn all about the insanity. We're excited. Are you excited?

The research and sticky-note-planning for this project are in full-swing. Many friends and family members have already contributed their ideas—for better or for worse. Now we're going to enjoy our last few days as normal humans.

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