Cheap, old-fashioned fun

I'm calling it. We've still got 10 days left in June, but this is officially the best month of this blog so far. In April, we spent every non-working hour reorganizing everything. Not fun. In May, we spent our weekends doing D.I.Y. projects. Sometimes fun (except when I almost killed Miranda. Oops!) But June, glorious June. Day drinking in the kiddie pool, plastic fireman hats, and free festivals. Could it get any better?

We decided to try out some suggestions from the list of 53 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend, which is conveniently organized into categories. Again, we're noticing a surprising number of "not fun" items on the "fun" list.

  1. Exercise (I checked six online dictionaries. Not one mentions exercise in the entry for 'fun.' The closest I got was Urban Dictionary's "doing things you aren't supposed to do," until I read the example, "Sneaking out was fun!")
  2. Local Community: "Become a dog walker." (Because doing other people's chores makes them fun?) "Head to the playground" (Sure, because it's not creepy when adults show up at the playground without any kids.)
  3. Cook: "Make a homemade pizza" (tried that, didn't go so well) or "some bread" (done—that was last month)
  4. The Internet: "Blog" (Check. Ha!) "Netflix" (Now we're talking!)
  5. Be Creative: "Raid Pinterest for Ideas" (Dear god, not again!!)
  6. Miscellaneous: "DIY and Cleaning" (Seriously, what's wrong with people?), "Build a Fort" (Tried it, but the cushions don't come off of our couch.) "Buy a Small Pet" (This really shouldn't be considered a 'weekend' activity, just like "adopt a baby" isn't.)

So we settled on the Netflix idea. Miranda and I used to be teachers, so we just so happened to have a projector on hand. Add a $3 shower curtain hanging on the side of the deck, and our very own backyard movie theater was born. The citronella candles provided nice ambiance and kept the mosquitos away. WIN! (But a word of caution: Pick your movie carefully in case your neighbors can see and hear it. Especially if they've already started judging you for drinking in your kiddie pool. The movie Sisters is not appropriate for all ears.)

They say "go big or go home." So after "going home" with our backyard shower curtain screen, it was time to "go bigger" with the giant drive-in theater screen. We drove to our closest drive-in for some old-fashioned entertainment. For $7 each, we got a double-feature of Finding Dory and Alice Through The Looking Glass. But the real show was the other patrons' vehicles. It was like a country song come to life. We saw a three-legged dog laying on top of the tool box in a truck bed (Was this how he lost the leg?), a flatbed pickup with an upholstered love seat strapped on the back, and a 1990's Suburban about 5 feet in the air and outfitted to survive a zombie apocalypse.

At 11:30, the first movie ended and most people left. I promptly fell asleep in the back of the car until the second one ended at 1:30. Good thing "take a nap" is also on the list of fun things to do.

At 11:30, the first movie ended and most people left. I promptly fell asleep in the back of the car until the second one ended at 1:30. Good thing "take a nap" is also on the list of fun things to do.

We also took some more advice from the lists of fun things to do. They turned out to be wins all around. (Click on the images for captions.)

Even though we've had some issues with some people's ideas of fun, we're continuing to have a lot of it this month. It turns out that free/really cheap entertainment is not only doable, but highly enjoyable, with a little bit of creativity (and the power to veto really stupid ideas on the free-weekend-listicles).

Now who wants to come hang out so we can bust out Monopoly and Risk?


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