HELLO NOVEMBER! We can't wait to try 

The Calendar

  • April 2016: Declutter! Minimalize! Zen-ify Your Spaces! 
  • May 2016: D.I.Y. Until We Drop
  • June 2016: Cheap Thrills: Free Entertainment and "Staycations"
  • July 2016: Hippy Meets Hipster: Reduce Our Environmental Impact
  • August 2016: Homesteading Month
  • September 2016: Homesteading: PART II (Stuff won't stop growing!)
  • October 2016: Create Your Own Luxury
  • November 2016: Anything Labeled a "Life Hack"
  • December 2016: TBA
  • January 2017: TBA
  • February 2017: TBA
  • March 2017: TBA

What Inspired This Month's Madness?


APRIL: Declutter! Live Minimally! Zen-ify Your Space!

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo: HALF-FAIL (but our closet looks good!)
  • The "Decluttering" and "Organizing" sections of HGTV's website: PARTIAL FAIL
  • Project 333: FAIL
  • The 100 Things Challenge: EPIC FAIL

MAY: D.I.Y. Until We Drop

JUNE: Free Entertainment and Staycations

JULY: Reduce Your Environmental Impact

AUGUST & September: Homesteading Experiment

October: DIY Luxury